IIM Kashipur in association with Dbali presents Agnitraya 2016. Agnitraya is the annual cultural sports management festival of Indian Institute of Management. The first edition of the annual festival witnessed participation from 3000 participants in over 30 events spread over a span of three days.
In 2016, Agnitraya only gets bigger and better. We take this opportunity to extend a warm invitation to you for the annual cultural-sports-management festival, Agnitraya 2016 to be held from January 22nd to January 24th at IIM Kashipur campus.
The event details have been given below. The schedule also has been attached for your kind perusal.

Management events
The management arena would host four case study competitions on 24th January 2016. 
The case study competitions which shall be conducted during Agnitraya are given below:
Operatius – Operations  case study challenge (Case from Barclays)
Markaholic – Marketing case study challenge (Case from Bharat Petroleum Private limited)
Consilio – Consulting case study challenge (Case from Infosys)

Green MBA – Sustainability case study challenge (Case from World Bank)

Cultural events
The cultural arena will host more than 20 events during the span of 3 days with Battle Royale: War of DJs being the flagship cultural eventfor the festival. The guest of honor and judge for the event will be DJ PERI.
The cultural events which shall be conducted during the three days are given below:
Flagship Event: Battle Royale-War of DJs

Solo Singing

Dance: Solo Dance | Group Dance | Couple Dance | Street Dance | Dance Battle
Dramatics: Stage Play | Street Play
Fashion: Fashion Event | Mr and Miss Agnitraya
Design: Graffiti Competition | T shirt painting | Face Painting |  Sketching competition
Other Informals: Minute to win it | Movie Screening | Dumb Charades | Add MAD

Details of Cash Prize are as follows-

CulturalEvents Genre/ Language/ Theme Winner (INR) Runners-Up (INR) Total (INR)
Solo Dance Free Style 3000 2000 5000
Group Dance Free Style 10000 5000 15000
Couple Dance Free Style 4000 2000 6000
Street Dance Hip hop/Group 12000 8000 20000
Dance Battle Hip hop/Solo 3000 2000 5000
Stage Play English/Hindi 7000 3000 10000
Street Play Hindi 7000 3000 10000
Fashion Event Ramp Walk 25000 25000
Minute to win it Theme to be decided  –  – Goodies
Movie Screening Informal  – Goodies
Dumb Charades Informal  – Goodies
Add MAD Hindi/ English  – Goodies
Sketching competition  – Goodies
Graffiti Competition 3000 3000
T shirt painting 1000 1000
Face Painting 1000 1000
Solo Singing Hindi/English 3000 2000 5000
Open mic Hindi/ English  – Goodies
War of DJs  – 50000  – 50000
Total       156000
Sports events
Miss. Prachi Tehlan, Captain of the Indian Netball Team in the 2010 Commonwealth Games will be the guest of honor for the inauguration ceremony of ‪Agnitraya‬ 2016.
The sports arena will host nine events during the span of 3 days.

The sports events with the cash prizes which shall be conducted during the three days are given below:

Events Category Type Winners (INR) Runners-up (INR) Total (INR)
Cricket Boys TeamEvent 12000 8000 20000
Futsal Boys TeamEvent 8000 4000 12000
Volleyball Boys TeamEvent 6000 4000 10000
Badminton Boys+Girls TeamEvent 6000 4000 10000
Table Tennis Boys+Girls TeamEvent 5000 3000 8000
Chess Boys Individual 3000 1500 4500
Chess Girls Individual 3000 1500 4500
Carrom Boys Individual 3000 1500 4500
Carrom Girls Individual 3000 1500 4500
Throwball Girls TeamEvent 4000 3000 7000
Basketball Boys TeamEvent 8000 5000 13000
Basketball Girls TeamEvent 4000 3000 7000
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