Tata Motors Plant Visit – 27thFeb 2012

Tata Motors Plant Visit – 27thFeb 2012

Students of IIM Kashipur visited Tata Motor’s plant in Pantnagar, Uttrakhand, on 27th of Feb, 2012. The aim of the visit was to acquaint students of the industrial practices followed in a large manufacturing plant and to appreciate how theory is applied in real life scenarios. Tata Motor plant is one of largest auto maker plant in India. Pantangar plant has an total area of 10,000 acres, 650 acres is being used by TATA Motors, while remaining is being used by supplies. They have a very good base of supplies in their vicinity to fulfill around 90% of demand for different components needed in plant. TATA produces mostly commercial vehicles such as Tata ace, Tata magic and Tata venture in this plant. The plant has a capacity of 1200 unit in a year presently, and the capacity is
expected to rise to 1460 by the next year. The visit began with a session with the plant manager of the plant. The session revolved around the history of Tata Motors, values that drive the organization and how it has transformed and redefined itself over the years. The manager shed light on CSR activities undertaken by the organization, and about the career prospects of a new recruit. After the session the students proceeded to the production facility of Tata Ace. The students learned various nuances of production and understood about the bottlenecks faced by the production facility. The session was highly interactive wherein the students also suggested solutions on their own. The whole visit was conducted very smoothly and was a great learning experience for the students.




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