Someone might mistakenly believe that an MBA schedule is as hectic as Mumbai locals on Monday mornings. Yes, it is. However, if you have a passion and believe that you would lose it during your MBA programme, you are greatly mistaken! Lectures, assignments, case competitions, and presentations are only a small part of an MBA programme. It refers to a variety of activities that take place on a daily basis and allow you to explore yourself, overcome your fears, and emerge as a completely different and better person.

An MBA not only provides an opportunity to sustain and nourish hobbies, but it also gives a chance to explore new ones. Terms like “peer learning,” “holistic development,” and “diversity” are as applicable in this context as they are in the context of academics. An MBA course provides the platform and an environment where you can be the sportsperson, dancer, singer, or debater that you have always wanted to be. Sometimes, hobbies can help you become more confident, which in turn triggers success in academics and other activities.

As a person, I’ve always thrived in situations where my schedule was not restricted to just one task. I’ve always found it simpler to concentrate when I can engage in a variety of activities that stimulate different bits of my brain. Music, athletics, and reading are common examples of these activities. These activities not only help me to improve and be productive with other daily responsibilities, but they also provide me a respite from a repetitive routine.

More importantly, I’ve discovered that while pursuing my interests, I’ve established some of the best contacts of my MBA journey. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and connect with individuals I would not have met otherwise if we didn’t share a common purpose. The MBA college provides exposure and opportunities to interact with people with shared interests.

Besides the campus facilities, many student organizations organize activities that attract big groups of students. The events are planned in such a way that more people become involved with events and become a part of them together in a way. As a result, participants are encouraged to be competitive, which encourages them to stand out from the pack.

In such an environment, I got multiple opportunities to pull myself out of my comfort zone and come out as a more versatile person, which is a desirable attribute in a manager. By pursuing my hobbies, I got a window to look out to the world and, hence, look within myself. In this way, taking an MBA as a course not only helped me learn management skills but also provided the fuel for my vehicle of confidence.

About the author

Rishabh Dev Gupta

Rishabh is currently pursuing MBA from IIM Kashipur. He is a Project Engineer with a background in the development of Android and Desktop Applications. He is a highly motivated individual who likes to work in a competitive and changing environment. He is passionate about sports and loves to spend his time playing badminton and reading non-fiction books. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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