The decision for opting for a management career was something I had to take after a lot of thought processes churned with my family as it was a great deal of decision making when you come from a family where business is the primal source of future for everyone around you. I was sure and firm of my decision and that self-belief made me even more concrete when I decided and stamped my parents’ decision to join IIM Kashipur. Entering the new phase of my life with different assumptions altogether had no connection with reality. Knowing my peers through WhatsApp and other social media paved the way for the interactions that started happening on Google Meets. Those late-night conversations hold more gossip and stories than any of those groups who can’t stop their chit-chats regardless of the context.

I was sure of one thing that an MBA is not an easy life decision, but what hit me the most was the rigorous induction for 12 days, having more than 30 PPTs, team formations, WhatsApp groups, mail follow-ups, midnight meets, and a day ending with more despair than fewer hopes. The things got even tougher because of COVID times and everything being shifted online and being a 90s kid, it was more of a shocker to me than a real and unexpected surprise. But in the end what makes you perform outright? Your survival and fighting spirit. I would lie if I say that the scrupulous and tiring induction hasn’t definitely made me question my decision for an MBA, but by the end, those 12 days also firmed my decision even more to join an MBA. The journey of MBA is all about management and the techniques which are used for the purpose of solving critical situations in life. This was turned into reality when we faced numerous presentations in a day allocated with other group members whom we barely knew. Those struggles gave us amazing memories when we cribbed about our situations while performing the tasks together. The classes started and we could learn from the best of the professors available and this garnered a sense of responsibility and utmost sincerity to match my level and intellect with what is expected from a student at IIM Kashipur. Life at IIM Kashipur is no less than a busy day in a metro city, where a delay of just one second can end up missing our train to our destination. Similarly, the deadlines are sacrosanct here and the hustle is to match the quality content with the given timeline. One thing which makes this institution an exception is a student-run campus. Having more than 40 clubs and committees, be it an efficiently run mess serving hot and tasty meals or to cater to all the requirements of the students staying in hostels, the student bodies across the campus make the place a worth living, growing, and worth remembering one and also the experience that one gain working for them is commendable. It not only allows you to learn but also polishes your personality and aids in your entire growth.

When multiple projects and assignments are running overtime and we are already burned out to our capacity, this is where we have to look out for a different approach to the problems as we see that others are in similar positions and that, at the end of the day, everyone is coping to overcome the situations. The sense of belonging here motivates us to tackle any scenario and provides us with the energy to match the mood and personality required at IIM Kashipur is indescribable. The only way to see life at IIM Kashipur is through the eyes of a student who is turning fantasies into reality.

Ayushi Kulthia

Ayushi is currently pursuing MBA from IIM Kashipur from Batch 2021-2023. She is a Finance and Accounting student with 2 years of experience in Content Development and Research. She is also actively engaged in the Media and Public Relations Committee as well as Team Insite and Club Spectrum of the college. She is a drama enthusiast and loves exploring life by making memories as she is a part of various social service clubs as well. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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