It was an exhilarating experience to be among the top five teams of one of the most coveted competitions, ‘Tata MindRover Season 3’, after successfully competing with thousands of entries. We, Team “Balle Balle” (Sulabh Arora and Ankita Sharma), were to embark on an unprecedented journey to Mumbai in order to challenge the best in the business. On reaching the destination for the presentations, both of us were anxious but at the same time were thrilled to be at such a position.

We got to meet the top level management of Tata Motors and the interaction with them was splendid and rich. Meanwhile, waiting for our turn to showcase our analysis, we got an opportunity to interact with the other contenders who too were from reputed B-schools. After delivering our presentations, Tata Motors had a panel discussion in which all the participants were given opportunities to ask any queries that we had and we received great insights.

The team of TATA Motors clearly showcased unity, fun and dedication towards the company, which was highly inspirational. We secured the 3rd prize at the event for which TATA presented us with PPIs, certificates, and goodies. We had received warm hospitality from TATA Motors during the whole event tenure, which made us feel like a part of the TATA family.

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