At about 6.30 PM on the 26th of July 2012, the ever-busy Kashipur Chowk stood still and took notice as the students walked with candles in their hand celebrating Vijay Diwas, the day India won its last war with Pakistan in 1999. Students took time away from their classes and schedules to pay tribute to all the brave souls who perished in the war a little more than a decade ago.

The Students started the walk from the Kargil Shahid Vatika and headed towards the Main crossroads where they placed the candles in front of the Maharana Pratap statue. The students also held up posters showcasing the sacrifices and heroics of the soldiers who fought valiantly only so that the rest of their compatriots could lead peaceful lives. The objective of the march therefore was to remind one and all that their role has not been and will never be forgotten.

The march was led by the Director of IIM Kashipur, Dr. Gautam Sinha and also accompanying him were faculty members from the institute. Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Sinha said that “this was IIM Kashipur’s way of saying thank you to the brave soldiers and hoped that their sacrifice would be a source of inspiration and strength for many for years to come.”

 The fact that the vehicles at the crossroads were not blaring their horns in their usual way is proof of the fact that the message was sent through the silent march, Loud and Clear.




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