Coming from a business background, I have always been enthralled with the idea of working in a corporate environment. So, after my graduation in finance, I thought of joining an organization as a Content Development Writer. The work environment taught me a sense of responsibility and also felt a lot about the work ethics and work culture. After 2 years of working, I decided to join an MBA college so as to broaden my aspects of learning and make a remarkable impact on my journey. 

Giving CAT amidst working and also the COVID-19 situation was a task in itself.  Having contracted the virus a couple of weeks back was a challenge as the tough study schedule was heckling my routine. Still, after months of hard work and perseverance, my CAT exam went pretty well. I focused on my office after the D-Day, which was on 29th November 2020. After a month, I saw a post that the CAT results are out. I opened the results and saw that it was pretty decent, but not up to my expectations. I was a bit despondent and thought of waiting for the shortlists of the colleges, which were of course IIM. This is why I did not give any other entrance exam other than CAT. 

After a couple of weeks, I saw a mail in my mailbox, stating my selection for the CAP interviews. I was filled with complacent feelings of excitement and started preparing for my PI from that day. I started strategizing my routine and optimizing it to gain full proficiency from my busy schedule. I used to work in the daytime and thereafter prepared for my CAP interview during the night after I completed my shift hours. The hectic schedule and the constant juggle between my office deliverables and my preparation journey taught me a sense of time management and this gave me an idea to handle stress under pressurized situations which were standing in front of me.

My interview for CAP was scheduled for 27th February and that was the ultimate day for the decision of my entry into IIM. The main area of focus was keeping myself updated with the recent elections which were going to happen in West Bengal. This was because I hailed from Kolkata and I had to keep track of each and everything going on in my state. Adding to the list of things that needed urgent preparation was the new budget that was released in February. 

I prepared for my PI questions through self-check and wrote all the answers with the help of the PI Kits available and also verifying them with my mentor. I gave 2 mock PIs before the actual interview date. I used to memorize the answers, record them, listen to them, and find flaws whenever and wherever it was found. I used to record videos of me verbally phrasing my answers for the generic questions which were asked in the interviews.

The primary thing to ace the interview is being confident of what one is speaking. I learned that the major factor which often leads to the success of the interviews were knowing the content that you are speaking and this is how you will let the interviewer know that you are knowledgeable. Confidence merged with hard work and dedication and preparation indeed bore the results of my way into the Indian Institute of Management Kashipur. Writing my experience is a way of nostalgia of all the weeks and months of constancy and devotedness to make myself a human being, who is successful enough to contribute to society and achieve my dreams. 

About the author

Ayushi Kulthia

Ayushi is currently pursuing MBA from IIM Kashipur from Batch 2021-2023. She is a Finance and Accounting student with 2 years of experience in Content Development and Research. She is also actively engaged in the Media and Public Relations Committee as well as Team Insite and Club Spectrum of the college. She is a drama enthusiast and loves exploring life by making memories as she is a part of various social service clubs as well. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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