Finance Club kick-starts its Activities in its Second Year

The Finance Club – IIM Kashipur started its activities in its second year on 1st July’12 with the introductory session for the fresher batch by Pulkit Taluja, 2nd year student and CFA Level III Candidate. He began the session with vision and mission of finance club at IIM Kashipur. He gave an overview of different areas in finance like, Asset Management, Investment Banking, Corporate Finance, Project Finance, Equity Research etc. In the process, he also introduced some basic terms of finance to the audience. He acquainted the participants with terminology and analysis of financial statements. Lastly, Pulkit talked about the responsibilities of a finance club member and how the association with club can help them in staying abreast with the latest in the financial world and build their competencies in financial arena.

In continuation of the series of knowledge sharing sessions, Ravikant Sharma, 2nd year student has an experience of working with a hedge fund client, delivered the next session on Financial Markets. We covered Bonds and Securities markets, Primary Market, Secondary Market, Stock Exchanges, Sentiments of investors, Credit Rating etc. Utilizing his experience, he used real time examples to make the learning effortless and interesting.

The sessions were followed by a quiz to test the caliber of students and their understanding from the two sessions. Harsh Patel, 1st year student, topped the quiz.




Finance Club Organizes Sessions on Equity, Debt and Corporate Finance


 The students at IIM Kashipur have developed quite an inclination towards the area of finance. Being taught a course on Financial Reporting and Analysis in the first term by one of the best faculty of IIM Lucknow- Prof Manoj Anand, the students got an opportunity to get a holistic view of the world of Finance which furthered their interest in the area. Keen towards enhancing their knowledge of finance through various initiatives, event and activities, a group of students got together and started the Finance Club – IIM Kashipur.

The fundamental belief of Finance Club has been that knowledge can be increased by sharing. This encouraged the Finance Club to start knowledge sharing sessions wherein some guys having knowledge in Finance by certifications like CFA, NCFM etc and past experience in the domain of finance started acquainting the batch with basic concepts from different areas of finance. After an initial session on the overview of financial markets, the Finance Club conducted sessions on Equity, Debt and Corporate Finance.
The session on Equity was conducted on 31st August 2011 and the speakers were Pulkit Taluja, Ravikant Sharma and Varun Kumar Agarwal. In the four hour session, the speakers covered the topics: Basic Equity Concepts, Equity Trading, Stock Indices, Models of Equity Valuation, Key Financial Indicators related to Equity and Industry and Company Analysis. The questions asked by the participants made the session interesting and the team of speakers didn’t move ahead until the doubts of all the participants were cleared.
The session on Fixed Income was conducted on 5th September 2011 and the speakers for the session were same as that in equity. Apurv Pandit, Editor – Pagalguy, also attended the session. It was a two hour session and topics that were covered are: Fixed Income Fundamentals, Fixed Income Markets, Fixed Income Instruments and Fixed Income Risks. The Finance Club plans to conduct another session on this topic to cover its breadth and depth.
The session on Corporate Finance was conducted on 22nd November 2011 and the speakers were Abhishek Kamble and Pulkit Taluja. The topics covered were: Capital Budgeting, Cost of Capital, Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM), Leverage, Working Capital Management and Financial Statement Analysis. The knowledge of this subject is important from a manager’s point of view as it caters to various decision making problems and their evaluation criteria.
Some members of the finance club have also started taking independent projects the results of which we would share in the near future.





Finance Club Organizes its First Knowledge Sharing Session

 Finance Club – IIM Kashipur organized its first knowledge sharing session on 20th July 2011. The agenda for the session was a basic overview of financial markets. The speakers were Ravikant Sharma, who has prior work experience with a hedge fund client, and Pulkit Taluja, who has cleared CFA Level 1 and has experience in finance domain. Both the speakers are first year students of the inaugural batch of IIM Kashipur. The session started at 6:00 pm after the end of all lectures scheduled for the day and ended at around 7:00 pm.

The session started on an interactive note with speakers asking the participants about their expectations from the session. The areas that the two speakers covered were classification of financial markets, players in the financial market with emphasis on investment banks, primary and secondary markets, trading and a bit on derivatives. The speakers kept clearing the doubts of the participants as and when they were raised during the session. The session ended with the speakers’ taking feedback from the participants.
Considering that it’s the first batch of the institute and there are no seniors around to guide the students, forming the Finance Club and conducting these sessions within three weeks of the start of the PGP programme is an appreciable effort by the vibrant student community of the institute. The Finance Club will continue to hold these sessions and delve deeper into the field of finance. Overall the event was well organized and the speakers did their best to meet the expectations of the participants.