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Indian Institute of Management Kashipur successfully conducted its second flagship Inustry-Academia meet- ‘Coalescence’ on 9th of September, 2016. This is was the first leg of Coalescence, ‘Samanway-the annual HR Meet’. The event was graced by some of the industry leaders of the likes of Hurman Resource country heads of companies like Amazon, Deloitte, Tata Steel, Mahindracie Autiomotive, Reliance Jio Infocomm, JSW Cement, Godrej Industries, Thomsom Reuters and many more.

The event was started off by the ceremonious lighting of the lamp marking the occasion. Professor Kunal Ganguly, IIM Kashipur gave the invitation speech, inviting the delegates from the various companies and thanking them for their participation. The inaugral speech was delivered by Mr. Deepak Kulkarni, CHRO of Mahindracie Automotice Limited. In his speech Mr. Kulkarni discussed about the Changing Business Environment: The Evolving Role of HR and IR Professionals. He stressed on the fact that “People are the only commonality among all industries and such meets help reduce gaps between academics and implementation of academics.”

Mr. Kulkarni elaborated on the various facades of human resource management that are changing with times and how the present scenario of human resource management differs from what used to be in yester years. “Skill shortage, economic flux, competitive pressure, global competition for talent, outsourcing labour, aging population and compliance remain the main challenges for the changing business environment.

Mr. Kulkarni’s take on the industry and the role of HR intrigued the students. This was followed by an intensive session of question and answer between the students of IIM Kashipur and Mr. Deepak Kulkarni.

As a part of the “Go Green” initiative of IIM KASHIPUR, a plant sapling was presented to Mr. Kilkarni, which was to be planted  at the state of the art new campus of  IIM Kashipur.

Prof. K.N.Badhani delivered his speech on ‘Coalescence’ where he discussed how IIM Kashipur aims to bridge the gap between the “Too theoretical” approach of management education and the “Rule of thumb” approach of the industry. “IIM Kashipur strives to narrow this gap down so as to provide academically sound leaders in the industry to be the harbingers of change and progression.”

The first keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Raj Raghvan, Director, HR, Amazon on ‘Accelerating Agility and Leadership in a Rapidly Changing Business Environment. Mr.  Raghvan delivered his keynote speech keeping Amazon in the context and relating how he tackled the human resource situations. He said, “The industry is fairly complex and FDI in India is still not open enough.” He stressed that the sole objective of any corporation should be to deliver values. He believes that Amazon’s objective is to “Transform the way India buys and sells.” He provided ample examples highlighting Amazon’s effort in helping build micro-entrepreneurs in India by providing more and more people a platform to sell their products.

“Amazon aspires to be Earth’s most customer-centric company”, he said to conclude his speech. His eloquent speech, supplemented by ample videos and presentations helped engage the students of IIM Kashipur in a drawn interactive session post conclusion.

Mr. Raghvan was also presented with a plant sapling which was to be planted in his name at IIM KASHIPUR’s new campus.

The second keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Kumar nachiketa, VP, HR, Deloitte. He took the students of a different route of presentation, in which he directly engaged with the students on a one to one basis conversation. He conveyed his appreciation for ‘Coalescence’ and the speeches of other dignitaries. He stress that agility and might were the signs of a leaders. He drew the example of banyan tress and bamboo shafts that can endure the knotty winds.

He even appreciated the willingness of IIM Kashipur students to pursue startups of their own and their willingness to contribute to disruptive technology. He said, “If one company does not do it, some other company will.” Hence he cleared the air about the first movers’ advantage in the disruptive stratup sphere.

He went on to engage the students with digital disruption. He discussed its potential with the students and urged them to tap it to venture forth with new startups.

A panel discussion followed Mr. Nachiketa’s speech. The panel consisted of Mr. Aniruddha Khekale, Group Director Human Resource, Emerson Process Management, Ms. Subhashree Pradeep, Deputy General Manager, Group HR, ATVS Logistics Services Limited, Mr. Sushil Kumar Barkur, Senior General Manager, Alkem Laboratories Limited, Mr. Srinivas KS, Associate Director & Head, Biocon Limited, Mr. Sandeep Joshi, Associate Vice President- HR, JCB India Limited, Ms. Renu Jethani, General Manager and Head-HR, Godrej Industries  Limited, Mr. Kripesh P Hariharan, CHRO, Sterling Holiday Resorts Limited, Mr. Chetan Deshpande, Vice President Human resource, JSW Cement Limited,  Mr. Vikas Khokha, Director Human Resource, Zimmer Biomet India, Mr. Shyam Sharma, HR Leader, eClerx Services india Limited and Mr. Vernon Fernandes, HR Business Partner, Thomson Reuters India Private Limited.

The topic for the first panel discussion was “Accelerating Agility and Leadership in a Rapidly Changing Business Environment.”

The final keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Partha Sarathi Mishra, CHRM, Tata Steel Limited.

He congratulated IIM Kashipur on the success of organizing of such an event where students of IIM get a chance to see human resource principle in action. He stressed on the importance of fundamental principles, learnt in class. “They form the basic building blocks of implementing management in organizations.” He even stressed on the changing perspective of Human Resource management in modern businesses compared to yester years.

A secondary panel discussion followed the third keynote speech. This discussion was on “Changing Business Environment: The Evolving Role of HR and IR Professionals”

Professor Kunal Ganguly of IIM Kashipur extended his vote of thanks to all the dignitaries thereby officially declaring the conclusion of Coalescence- Samanwaya 2016.

Indian Institute of Management Kashipur held its second leg of Coalescence 2016 – Annual Industry Academia Meet, on 14, 15 & 16, September, 2016. The theme for the second day was Marketing. To enlighten the students with the real life scenarios and problem solving skills many luminaries graced the occasion. Among others Mr.Ajay Naqvi, Ex-Country Marketing Manager, AirBnB, Mr.VaibhavModi of Victor Tango Pvt. Ltd. , Mr Sourav Shah,Digital Marketing and CRM at Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd.and Mr.Paurush Sharma, Associate Vice President, Viacom18 graced the occasion.

The event started with the auspicious lamp lighting event. Director Gautam Sinha welcomed all the esteemed guest in his introductory speech marking the beginning of the Operations summit. The first speech was delivered by Mr.Ajay Naqvi. He talked about the various changes that have been taking shape in businesses globally and marketing has been playing a key role.“Bullet in the gun, food in the belly & fuel in the car is a basic need. Then when you push an observation, you get an insight..A story can be a good story, that is well branded, well told” said Mr. Naqvi.”Think about top 5 companies and they all have lived 100 years plus”added Mr. Naqvi.orld in changing that hindsight into foresight.

The speech was followed by an engaging question and answer session, where Mr.Naqvi was asked various questions onmarketing strategies and implementation by the students of IIM Kashipur.

The next speech was delivered by Mr.Vaibhav Modi. He started his speech with an emphatic line, “In digital marketing content is king and distribution is queen.” He discussed his experience with digital marketing over his career. He cited examples from his entrepreneurial venture to make things much more relevant. “The shift from awareness to engagement gives consumers a precursor to action.For you, what is a message, is the product for me.” The speech came to an end with an engaging interation between the students and Mr. Modi.

The third speech on marketing was delivered my Mr. Sourav Shah, Digital Marketing and CRM at Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd. He started his speech by addressing the key challenges to digital marketing in India. “Major challenge in India for digital marketing is varied dialect. Search is the main context of today’s digital media, with SEO &SEM being pillars. Find the sweet spot to engage with your customers” said Mr. Shah. He even said that smartphone will be the key drivers for digital marketing in India. He concluded his speech by saying, “Influencer marketing is going to be a huge trend in digital marketing.”

The final speech was delivered by Mr. Paurush Sharma,Associate Vice President, Viacom18. He started his speech on how advertising plays a key role in marketing by stating, “Traditional advertising faces monumental struggle. You have to keep peeling layers until there comes insight.” Mr. Shamram made an instant connect with the students by citing how he faces challenges every day and how he learns marketing from some of the age old traditions of India. He said, “There is no better example than ‘religion’ for the consistency of storytelling. We are in the business of making communication.” He concluded his speech with “Digital marketing & conventional marketing were the same, what has changed is the world”, to the tune of thunderous claps from the students.

Many interesting problems and doubts were posed by the students of IIM Kashipur, making the session engaging and interesting. A vote of thanks from the faculty of IIM Kashipur concluded the event.

Post lunch session was dedicated to the Finance summit, distinguished guests from different sectors of the industry were present. The session started with a keynote speech from Mr.T.P. Partap cofounder –Qwickcilver  , the topic on which the session took off was  ‘Fintech- Disruption in Financial Service industry ‘.

He started his speech by saying that Fintech industry will help in creating jobs as digital payments are coming in a big way. From his experiences he had also a forecast to make , he added,” Over 10 years there would be a marketplace $400 billion for fintech”. Followed by a panel discussion on the same topic there was another keynote speak from Dr. Sarat Malik, Chief  GM SEBI India. He marked his speech saying that Fin-tech provides competitive edge but it’s risky. He also praised the present government and RBI saying that they have provided excellent initiatives in term of JAM. He believed that the financial system in India is far better than that of lot of countries. Panel discussion saw diverse speakers like Mr. Karthik Rangappa Vp-eqquity research and Education services Zerodha, Mr.Mukesh Bubna Founder and CEO Monexo Innovations Limited, Mr. Rajat Gandhi Founder and CEO Faircent.com and Mr. Srikanth Meenakshi Founder, Director  FundsIndia.com. There were questions asked from students as well which were answered by the panel members and the Second Day of the event Coalescence 2016 came to an end.

The final day saw the Consulting summit at IIM Kashipur. To engage the students the various facades of the consulting industry many luminaries graced the occasion. Among others Mr.Samiron Goshal graced the occasion.

The event started with the auspicious lamp lighting event. Director Gautam Sinha welcomed all the esteemed guest in his introductory speech marking the beginning of the Consulting summit. The first keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Samiran Goshal. He took the students on a journey of the evolution, power and forces of the disruption. “

A panel discussion followed consisting of PwC Partners Anirban Mazumder, Amit Bhagat and Partho Das Gupta throwing light upon the subject of ‘Disruption In The Consulting Industry.’ Many interesting problems and doubts were posed by the students of IIM Kashipur, making the session engaging and interesting. A vote of thanks from the faculty of IIM Kashipur concluded the event.





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