The five-hour long road journey from Delhi was coming to an end as the beautiful, beautiful campus of IIM Kashipur was finally on the horizon. All the efforts put over the last year and a half or so, right from taking multiple mocks in a day, to rigorously polishing the answers to expected questions in the interviews, were coming into fruition right before me.


‘God, am I ready for this?’- I asked myself, as I entered the gates of what I call my home now. As I was registering my name at the entry desk, I saw a girl struggling with her luggage, going through the same chores as I was. I paid no heed to her and asked for further instructions from the security guard.

10 Minutes Later

As I collected my room keys, the hostel supervisor passed on a piece of paper to me.

‘This is the number of one of your flatmates.’

That’s it. A piece of paper with no name, just a number. Hesitantly, I dialled up the number. Luckily, Truecaller identified the number as that of a certain ‘Nishant’.


‘Hi, Nishant. This is Parth. I’m going to be your new flatmate.’ – I said as I enquired to him about the exact location of my block.

And just like that, I saved my first contact at this new place, ‘Nishant Roomie’.

Another 15 Minutes Later

As Nishant and I got acquainted, he politely asked me if I wanted some chai. And together with a few others, we went to the college Tapree, with each one curious to know about everyone else. Chai and questions were flowing aplenty.

4 Hours Later

Dinner was done and dusted. What now? There were no activities scheduled till the next morning. As I was chilling in my room, a somewhat familiar face popped in through the door.

‘We’re going to play some guitar and sing along at the Amphitheatre. Wanna join?’

‘Hell yes, I will!’- I said to Yash, as my entire floor headed off towards the Amphi.

And over a few Classics, a guitar, some humming, and countless stories, I bonded with these guys.

Each one of us, excited yet anxious, having finally made it to a dream business school, just hanging about like buddies when we barely know each other.


Almost Night

As the clock approached 3, I was finally going to get some sleep to set myself up for the next day. Lying down, the answer to the question I asked myself earlier in the day was becoming increasingly clear:

‘Yes, I’m ready!’

And as for that girl I conveniently ignored in the beginning? She’s my closest friend here now!



This article has been written by Parth Kanthal of PGP 2017-19 batch.

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