While preparing for the CAT exam, most of us have one goal in our mind, i.e. to join an IIM. We toil so hard and finally when we think that we have reached the destination, it’s actually the start and what’s even more intriguing is that you have the power vested in you to shape the journey. While other BSchool students lack or have partial privileges, you certainly are in a better place because you are on a student-run campus. 

Gone are the days where teachers decided what is best for you, if you want a peer learning session or a specific subject that you feel is so relevant to be part of the curriculum, you can take this up to the management and actually bring a change. I have witnessed this and upon seeing the change, I got nothing but goosebumps. In the academic committee, you get to reach out to prominent and eminent professors across the country and bring them to our campus for guest lectures to enrich our knowledge. Imagine the knowledge sharing and the perspectives it brings to the table, quite exhilarating right, I know. 

Peer Learning Session

There is a mantra that every B School student chants, “Network is net worth”, heard this a gazillion times, still can never get a hang of it. What if I say that you can connect with industry leaders and business magnets to hear their success stories and gain insights, like a cherry on top, you even get to interact with them. Thanks to the Corporate Relations Committee, they pitch our college to market leaders and build strong relationships with them, how enthralling it is to be in a medium where you can step ahead and connect with the CEOs CFOs MDs and Chairmans. Learn and practice they say, with Live Projects, the bridge between the classroom and the industry is established. 

Adding more on the lines of the network, how can I miss mentioning the alumni network, the one strong emotional network that actually cares for the well-being of the students. The Alumni Relations Committee establishes long and lasting relationships with the alumni network and about a gazillion times, the students are given live training on the key aspects of MBA. The strong alumni network itself is an indicator of how well the student community of IIM Kashipur is connected. 

The placement season is the most happening and at the same time, the most daunting season of the year, but the weather reports indicate that the vibe around the campus is similar to the spring season with new companies along with fantabulous roles and offerings. All thanks to the Prep Cell team, from mock PI’s to mock GD’s and industry-specific training during each and every company visit, we reap maximum benefits. Students helping students is the crux of any educational science and we don’t just believe it, we inculcate it

Ever wondered what stream to narrow down after joining an MBA? The choices are multitude. The search for who you really are, and what you really want, i.e, 

Am I a finance guy? 

Or a marketing guy? 

Oh wait, do I like HR?

Or am I into Operations? 

So many questions and we feel sailing nowhere due to the lack of a guiding compass. Seek and you shall find is what works wonders here. To really understand your interest, passion, and what keeps you on your toes, you will have to explore and dive deep. With many academic clubs here for each specialization, a clear picture of each and every domain is well presented, all you have to do is participate in the events each club conducts. As you involve more, you reach closer to crack the code that many others fail to. The heart wants what it wants, the final step is to express and pitch yourself to be a part of the club that really interests you. No worries if you don’t get into your favorite club, you can always participate in the club events and build your knowledge in the process. There are ample opportunities for you to express your interest and to bring innovation even to the simplest of steps.

A student-run club or committee is very exquisite as it brings new ideas to the table, a sense of belonging, a platform to make your voices heard, and last but not least, you discover your true self. The one goal of each and every student body is to march towards the betterment of the entire student community and it’s more enthralling that you are part of it. With great power comes great responsibility, in the due course of time you see yourself slowly getting better, with every stroke, you get more refined, and finally, you realize that you have outdone yourself. This two-year journey on the campus is just a small part of your life, but the relationships that you build here last for the rest of your life. Who else knows what’s better for you, if not a student. 

About the Author:
Angelin is currently pursuing MBA from IIM Kashipur, with majors in Finance and Marketing. She is a part of the College’s Wellness Team. She is fond of playing the Keyboard, going for long drives, cycling and listening to podcasts in her spare time. You can connect with her on LinkedIn

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