After a year of toils, opportunities, experiences, and learnings from multiple domains switching, I have finally started on the journey of becoming the person I had always envisioned to be. It was the beginning of a new era, the realization of a dream!

From a naive kid entering the colossal gates of BHU in Kashi to now entering IIM Kashipur as a confident adult with grace and poise, much has transpired in these years, and time is testimony to how much I have evolved in this odyssey.

IIM Kashipur is an IIM with a difference—its lush green campus, course structure, alumni network, and intellectual faculty have now become my oracle and chronicle of most prized moments.

The campus is heavenly. The green hills with a translucent carpet of sunshine, blowing zephyr, floating clouds, and the colossal red brick structures are both feelings of peace for sore eyes and soul. Getting into its coveted Analytics course was an added topping as Statistics became my second nature after conditioning myself to probability and Mathematics in all these years.

The first trimester at college taught me that MBA is more about learning opportunities than ‘learning’ itself! Each task can be done in different ways, and MBA taught me the most efficient ways to do it. The course on decision modeling and ‘optimization’ became the way of my life. I optimized my schedule to carve out time for my hobbies. I realized that this fast-paced on-your-toes life was all I wanted, and it came so naturally to me.

The pedagogy heightened my curiosity, and the dynamic projects challenged my thought process; the vastness and yet simplicity of all the things kept me amazed.

“Today, what seems hard, shall one day be my warm-up regime.” Life does show us tough times. Just =VLookup for patience and keep going happily no matter what (even if it is hard to EXCEL). I am thankful to IIM Kashipur for making me internalize this.

My journey to IIM Kashipur is proof of the adage, “What you seek, is seeking you.” Things we lose have a way of coming back to us in the end, if not always in the ways we expect. I postponed my MBA due to the pandemic and joined Masters in Statistics, but it was this deep-rooted love for pursuing management studies from an esteemed B-School, which got me here! Neither did I leave the holy city of Kashi, nor did it leave me. Coincidently, I joined the hilly terrain of Kashipur- the coveted IIM in the North. Joining the legacy of IIM along with my sister, who is pursuing IPM in IIM Rohtak, made it even more special! I still don’t know what nomenclature to use for the forces that worked their magic in bringing me to this place…

The college will always give you a choice whether to sit back and savor or whether to hustle or fill the caps with feathers, but no matter what we choose, we will always come out as a winner! As in the end, it is about reinventing yourself again and again. Which I mostly did; I learned the true meaning of passion, and to let go of things, and, most importantly, to know that I am going to emerge out of this journey as a better person.

Covid has taken a few precious months of our stay at the campus. Still, looking at the brighter side, given the grandeur that the institute is, even a virtual experience is thrilling and overwhelming for me. I can’t imagine how joyful and crazy the day is going to be when college resumes in offline mode and I would finally get the email that it’s time to come home!

About the author

Saloni Singhal

She is the person with Statistics as a learned skill and management as inculcated passion, using both to solve problems for mankind and give optimum solutions. Continuously striving to break the glass ceiling and relishes the joy of contributing to social ventures to the best of abilities. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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