On 25th January 2014, Mr. Sanjay Mehta, CEO (Textile division), Trident Industries visited IIM Kashipur to have an interaction with the students of PGP2013-15 batch and shared his experiences and valuable insights with them. Starting the discussion, Mr. Mehta emphasized on the importance of empowerment of women. He said that women are taking their righteous place in the society which is very important as the growth of any business, society or nation depends on the development of the women folk.


Mr. Sanjay Mehta, CEO (Textile division), Trident Industries

Moving on to the technical aspects of business in particular marketing, he told that travelling is also one of the major ways which provides a person an opportunity to learn business skills, negotiations and much more. Mr. Mehta is a firm believer of product innovation and sustainability. He also believes that marketing is something which one keeps sharpening on daily basis. Sharing his career experience, he told that the present scenario in domestic marketing is quite myopic as compared to international marketing and that overseas markets and the opportunity they offer cannot be ignored in any segment. Culture is yet another important criterion in international context as well as in a highly culturally rich country as India since color, design, choices and various things depends on it. Mr. Mehta also talked about the intricacies of the Indian textile market highlighting the fact that it is a big market but is unstructured and fragmented.

Moving on further to discuss the details of the international market he said that increased competition, political and economic instability are some of the hurdles in doing business internationally. However, a complete political, social, economic, cultural, technological and legal analysis helps to do better market selection. He also said that management’s commitment to international markets is necessary.

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