IIM Kashipur

Indian Institute of Management Kashipur was graced by the presence of Mr. Shekhar Chandra Kumar, Ex-COO, Air India Express. Mr. Shekhar visited IIM Kashipur to deliver a guest lecture on the opportunities in the aviation industry.

Mr. Shekhar started the lecture by introducing the aviation industry to the students of IIM Kashipur from his perspective, the challenges and the vicissitude of opportunities that lay forth.

He partitioned his lecture into three phases, discussing the pre-liberalization phase, the liberalization phase and the post liberalization phase of the aviation industry.  The session was an extremely informative one and opened up new avenues of opportunity that now lies before the students of IIM Kashipur.

He also mentioned a case of excellence, a project on air travel demand in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand that was conducted by the 2014 graduates of IIM Kashipur under the guidance of Mr. Shekhar Chandra Kumar, that found its way to the table of Air India, and using which demand was speculated for Pantnagar airport.

The Operations enthusiastic fraternity of IIM Kashipur, which is nestled in one of the most densely industrialized areas in South-East Asia, made the session and extremely engaging one with students questioning about every nook and corner of opportunity for operational excellance in the aviation industry in general and Air India in particular.

The entire student fraternity of IIM Kashipur thanks Mr. Shekhar Chandra Kumar for providing us with valuable time to share such information and insight.

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