Indian Institute of Management Kashipur was graced by the presence of Mr. Aniruddha Khekale, Group Director- HR, Emerson. Mr. Khekale visited IIM Kashipur to deliver a guest lecture on HR in VUCA times.

“People have taken VUCA as a reality. What began in 2008, has been continuing” said Mr. Khekale.

Mr. Khekale discussed the challenges of the HR role in the modern times when dynamics is the key. He reiterated on the essence of restructuring and reorganizing the organization from time to time to tackle problems more effectively and efficiently.

“HR should be the moral compass of an organization. Many CEOs consider themselves to be the HR leader of their respective organizations” said Mr. Khekale.

Mr. Khekale concluded the speech by sharing his own experience in the role of an HR leader and answering questions from the students.

The entire student fraternity of IIM Kashipur thanks MR. Anirudda Khekale for providing us with such an insightful session.

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