Today’s business world has umpteen examples of successful entrepreneurs. One such great example is of ( co-founder Ms V N Saroja. Also the co-founder of, Ms. Saroja led the students of IIM Kashipur through her journey from Indian Institute of Management Ahmadabad to being the CEO of and beyond. Starting with comparing the life and career options in early 1990s and today, she said she was fortunate to get an opportunity from big multinational organization to publish a status paper at the age of 22. She explained that starting a new venture is not easy. It took her partners and her six years to grow to where it stands today. They had to do all kind of jobs like editing and rewriting resumes of clients themselves and sitting for hours on a computer to upload those resumes on the internet.















Ms Saroja emphasised that the world is full of opportunities and a person has to be present at the right place at the right time to avail them. The only requirement is to find passion within you. One should be willing to take calculated risks, identify what went wrong, rectify it and move forward. Also, have confidence that your ideas will survive, irrespective of other external factors.
















She also shared her experience of working in small villages in and around Delhi and converting them into some of the most respectable and fashionable areas. She said that the business world is changing at a very fast pace and people new to this world should be ready to expand their views to grasp the slightest of opportunities. The students of IIM Kashipur were thrilled to listen to such inspiring words.

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