Prof. Kallol Bagchi – 2nd Feb 2012

Dr. Kallol Bagchi, Professor of Information and Decision sciences at College of Business, University of Texas at El Paso. He has many research publications in the computer science and information systems area. His present research interest is in global ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), diffusion of ICT, impacts of trust and culture on ICT, security issues, digital divide. Prof. Bagchi interacted with the students over various socio cultural aspects related to usage and adaptation of information technology for sharing and dissemination of knowledge. Furthermore, a model of willingness to use ICTs based on personality attributes was shared with the students. Inputs for the model are gathered via a survey form, which was also shared with the students. The students provided their inputs in the form, and a quantitative analysis was conducted in the session using SPSS
software are the results were analyzed as well.

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