‘Lit Club’, the literary club of IIM Kashipur created history, as it made the institute, the second IIM to organize such one of its kind event, ‘HUMAN LIBRARY’ on 11th March 2018. There was already a buzz created when the idea was floated among the students and faculty via email.

This idea of the event was first conceptualized in Copenhagen, Denmark back in 2000 with the aim to challenge prejudices against social contact among people. In India, glimpses of this event have been seen only four times until now.

The event at IIM Kashipur saw participants from the students as well as faculty on varied topics ranging from ‘God vs Devil Paradox’ to ‘Art of Seduction’. The reason that makes this idea unique is that the ‘Human Book’ as well as the ‘Issuer’ are blindfolded throughout the process and the identities are not disclosed. This makes the ‘Human Books’ express their thought relevant to the topic with utmost freedom which might not been the case otherwise.

Post event, upon asking a few participants, the common answers we received were as follows:

‘’The experience was entirely different than the usual interaction over these topics.”

“There was calmness and fearlessness in putting forward our opinion out.”

“Usually, a person converses mostly to put forward her/his opinion about the topic but this event brought out the listener within us. The blindfolds definitely had something to do with this.”

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