Surrounded by gaunt oak and pine which embellished the mountains, engulfing us on all four sides, at the onset of the most pious river as its sparkling water scurried through myriad colored stones, on verdant grassland meanderings which no man made carpet could have come close to, inhaled air so pure, cool devoid of any other element, forget about toxics, were we. Were we in Heaven?

The same feeling reverberated in our minds when we (IIM Kashipur students) went on a team building exercise to a place 6 kms. from Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. The occasion too could not have been better, marking the end of induction of our new batch. After taking a feel of “what it takes to be(survive) in IIM” 5 day induction program, the excursion not only acted as an ice breaker but also offered bonding opportunities for both PGP’13 and PGP’14 students.

 The daily routine in an IIM is exhausting. Intense debates on virtually any issue, intense case discussions, race to make best projects, assignment (unsolvable) completion, possibility of a surprise  quiz, plethora of co curricular activities , intensely fought sport games etc. can be exhausting. On top of this the expectation and desire for excellence and the competitive spirit, which by default are an integral part of IIM Kashipur life can lead to tired and jaded feeling to anyone. But we are fortunate to be in an IIM which lays at the crossroads of several tourism spots. Be it a 30 km drive to Jim Corbett or 80 km ride to nainital, the weekends in IIM Kashipur comes as a fresh breath of air. Rishikesh trip was no different. The beautiful morning offered an ideal start for mountain trekking. After a light breakfast the students undertook river-crossing training followed by rock climbing session. The training immediately came into use when due to heavy outpour the river started overflowing. Stranded on the wrong side students bravely crossed the water flowing at a high speed. The heavy rains finally stopped and paved way for a balmy evening where we undertook excursions to two waterfalls. The mesmerizing scenic beauty struck everyone and detached every bit of tired ness. As the sun faded away behind the clouds we knew it was time to move ahead and conclude this journey. Everyone enjoyed this short but eventful trip where they felt how hard work and fun is part of nature and how it became the culture of IIM Kashipur.

Cheerful students shared their experience among themselves as they gear up to leave the enchanting place. Everyone was excited for the next few years they are going to spend at IIM Kashipur. “Where knowledge is not restricted to only class room discussion but exploring and learning is not a part of curriculum but a way of living.”

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