Team Insite, a group of students selected for the sole purpose of facilitating the on-boarding process of juniors, has successfully completed the induction of PGP 2016 -18 batch into to the IIM Kashipur fraternity. The process started immediately after the course registration and the lighting of the lamp by the director and other eminent members of IIM Kashipur, then a plethora of activities have been organised for the first year like surprise business quizzes, on all domains and specializations, at night 2 am,  giving short and powerful demos on important business concepts, not miss the cultural events like role plays and dance competitions which rekindled the spirit in them. The main motive of the process is to familiarize the students with the rigorous work schedule that is going to be the defacto daily routine for any IIM student in the country and to train them as to how to maintain the work-life balance in hectic professional lives, as our RBI governor once said a student who survives the first year in an IIM can survive anywhere in the world. Apart from these, students were also shown the working of various committees & clubs and were provided the opportunity to interact with the prominent industry veterans in the form of guest lectures. On the final day of induction they were given a surprise hall of fame type of applause and a freshers’ party was organised sponsored by Gautami Heights (one of the prominent hotels in Kashipur). After the induction an outbound trip and industrial visit were organized.




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