Amidst all the chaos due to the Covid-19 pandemic, TATA Capital has ensured a smooth transition to the Virtual mode of Summer Internship. I am currently working with the Commercial and SME Finance Division (CSFD) which comes under TATA Capital Financial Services Limited. My project is to work on the initiatives from the COO’s office and try to generate more business opportunities.

My internship started with the study of the NBFCs in our country and doing several analyses of the same. I felt that the Classroom interaction with the faculty and the case-based pedagogy of IIM Kashipur eased this part for me and I was able to channel my thoughts in the right direction for the study. In the last month I have worked on analysing the leads and opportunities for different sales verticals and how the organization can improve its conversion to get more business. It also involved studying the performance of different products offered by TATA Capital after 2015 and improving them.

Before joining the organization, I was informed by my manager that my role won’t be just limited to the CSFD team but that I will also get to explore TATA capital and work with the various sales team. As a part of the cross-team venture, I worked on designing the policy and system to avoid the generation of duplicate leads with my manager. As the lockdown period has been extended several times, the businesses are not able to operate and the banks are focusing on the collection part. But we sometimes forget our old and reliable customers, I am currently working on analysing the business and industry of our old customers for the generation of revenue. It involves choosing the right customer and strategizing an approach to work on those customers.

Virtual Office does restrict the interaction with the business head, but the HR team at TATA Capital organizes several webinars and conferences to ensure that we get to clarify our doubts and get in touch with executives from various verticals of the TATA group. Also, we have knowledge sharing sessions with our fellow interns from prestigious B-Schools of the country so that we also get to know about their project and how are they handling it. The aim of this is to develop bonding as a team and build a strong network with other people which I feel is the crux of any summer internship program.

After working for one month these were my key learnings:

  • Get a good hold on all the subjects taught in the first 3 trimesters as the company expects you to be thorough with the basics of every domain.
  • Explore the organisation and its working and gather more information on how is the business generated by the company.
  • Knowledge of Excel will always be handy no matter which domain you work for.
  • Asking questions and getting doubts cleared. Senior executives are more than happy to interact with new employees and want to impart their experience to us.

Aditya Shekhar, Summer Intern, Tata Capital
Class of 2021 | IIM Kashipur

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