IIM Kashipur

Millennia ago, Lord Krishna incited fun, frolic and a common sense of fealty in all men and women of our land. Millenniums later, IIM Kashipur, under the influence of the same, gathers together in the brand new campus of IIM Kashipur to celebrate the brotherhood of men.

With ample space in the new campus to re-enact the ‘makhan chor’, students of IIM Kashipur gathered in the central hostel area to stack upon one another to engage in ‘matkiphod.’ Amidst a crowd of nearly four hundred student, every single one wanting to be on the top to break the ‘matki,’ students gathered in concentric circles, ne on top of the other, to help one single person climb as high as a three storied building to break the ‘matki’ and let the gush of fun and frolic flow.

With the cheer of all students and faculty, the event of ‘ matkiphod’ started. Cheers from all round the corners drew people to be a part of the human tower. Some fell, some slipped, and some cheered on while some kept on strategizing about how to reach the ‘matki.’ When one couldn’t do it, someone else stepped in to replace him or her. And there was ample participation from the girls.

With one person supporting the other, in no time, a human tower, as tall as three stories and slowing edging towards the ‘matki’ of milk and butter was up. It wouldn’t be much long when the milk would be flowing down on all the students and in an elated euphoria the campus would burst in colours of the event.

And surely in no time, one did reach the top, and as if seeking more energy from the students, roved around to show all that IIM Kashipur has reached the ‘matki.’  With sounds of elation, the ‘matki’ came to crack as ‘Krishna’ struck it, and let all the milk and butter flow down upon every one!

All of the student fraternity came running to the central area to enjoy getting drenched in fun and music. Thus came to conclusion the event of ‘matkiphod.’

With one event coming to a halt, another was just given a green signal. The JBL speakers that lay dormant for so long, suddenly sprung into life as some of the chartbuster dance tracks hit the air surrounding the students. And when you are in such a blithe of ‘matkiphod’ there is no stopping the dance that follows. Everyone, the ardent dancers and the ‘shy-I-can’t-dacne’ needed no nudge to shake a leg or two under the sky.

The celebration continued on as common fealty wrapped the entire campus of IIM Kashipur. Everyone was drenched in the moment.  The fraternity stood as a family. One that enjoys all the colours and life of the vibrant India.

A concluding speech from Director Gautam Sinha, brought the event to a conclusion. All students headed towards the dining hall to refill themselves with energy, and engage in some more impulsive conversations.

The event might have come to a close, but the fun and memories were bound to remain forever.

In a land so vast and with a plethora of knowledge, wisdom, seasons, languages and cultures to offer, IIM Kashipur ensures to delve in all the colours of our nation.

Happy Janmasthami to all!


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