“Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.John F. Kennedy 

I came across this quote by Kennedy as a part of a case study in our management curriculum. At that point in time, this quote did not mean as much as it does now, as I retrospect on what has been the most crucial learning curve in my life. 

Readers of this article would associate with terms like ‘rigor‘, ‘job opportunities‘, and ‘return on investment‘ with an MBA degree. While all these terms are equally important, there is so much more propagated here in the Red-brick campus of IIM Kashipur that leave an everlasting impact in honing your skills and abilities, all the while accelerating your growth as a manager worthy of the title of an MBA.

Speaking from experience, the culture here at IIM Kashipur is structured in a manner to promote hands-on learning through the functioning of various student bodies, which has helped many students like me to improve our soft skills, learn how to delegate and prioritize pending work, how to respect deadlines and most importantly, how to push the boundaries of what is considered impossible through sheer hard work, resilience, and dedication. 

Yes, at times things can get difficult, but here at IIM Kashipur, we believe that it is our network that defines our net worth. It is this thought process that has enabled me to meet different kinds of people, learn their ways of handling difficulties associated with different problem statements, and ultimately pull through, no matter the novelty of the challenge.  

My greatest learning at IIM Kashipur has been to not get overawed by what all needs to be done in a short period, that too at a breakneck speed. Yes, it involves a mountain of work with hurdles aplenty, but when you surmount the peak, the view is beautiful from atop. 

These invaluable additions to my skillset lead me to believe that my two years worth investment at IIM Kashipur will remain etched in my mind as a bunch of happy memories, replete with learnings, challenges, and victories galore. 

About the Author:
Sahil Sondhi is currently pursuing MBA from IIM Kashipur, with majors in Marketing and Analytics. He is a part of various student bodies like the OYM-The Marketing Club and Team Insite-Admissions Support Body. He is fond of playing the guitar, going for long drives and reading novels in his spare time. You can connect with him on LinkedIn

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