“It is not the destination where you end up but the mishaps and memories you create along the journey that matters” aptly summarizes what my MBA journey at IIM Kashipur has been about. Stepping into the college for the first time in June of 2019 with a feeling of fear and uncertainty surrounding my mind, I did not know that these 2 years were going to be so much important and impactful in my life. And now when I look back at this time, I realize it could not be more perfect!

It started with me performing poorly in different tasks given to us during the induction program, not able to catch up with the case study discussions happening in the classroom, and not able to manage my time for anything. Amongst all this mess, I was just waiting for that one moment that would help me change this downward trajectory. But as it is famously quoted that you have to create the opportunity yourself, I decided to do the same by contesting for Class Representative Election. Considering my performance so far in college, I was in self-doubt about whether I really deserved it but still I wanted to give my best and I did. Results? I lost, by a close margin but still, it became the turning point of my MBA life. It gave me the head start and self-confidence I was looking for and after this, there was no looking back. In a span of 2 months, I became a part of 3 different student bodies I wanted to get associated with eagerly, namely The Finance Club, Parwaaz- The Dramatics Club, and Team Insite – Admissions Support Body. Adding to this, I also joined the newly opened IIM Kashipur’s Toastmasters Club and became the Vice President – Education. Apart from this, I being a finance enthusiast and having a commerce background were able to help my colleagues in finance subjects by taking peer learning sessions. I became a part of the organizing team of Uttishtha – Annual entrepreneurial fest of IIM Kashipur and became one of the scholarship holders offered by the college. It was a great feeling.

Considering everything that I have done or been a part of, I would not say that it was easy or just fun. It was difficult. If something makes you compromise your health and sleep and forces you to miss your meals, it is challenging. Yet, it was interesting. The 2 major learnings that I had from this course were first, a realization that 24 hours exist, and every minute can be counted and utilized. Second, you can push the limits to infinite if you wish to do so.

It did change the course of my life for good and had such a vibrant and bold impact on me that even though it is over, it does not seem to be. Every day when I wake up, I think a new semester would begin and emails would start coming only to realize that my MBA is completed!

About the author :
Puneet Garg is currently pursuing MBA from IIM Kashipur, with majors in Finance and Marketing. He is a part of various student bodies like The Finance Club, Dramatics Club, and Team Insite-Admissions Support Body. He is fond of origami art and reading novels. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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