Indian Institute of Management Kashipur organized the inter-sectional wars of PGP 2016-2018 batch students on 29th of October, 2016. The coveted title of being called the sectional wars champion of Kacofonia 2016 spurred all the students of IIM Kashipur to conjure their talents and bring the best of their performance to the battle field.

After taking out preparation times from the hectic time schedule of their IIM Kashipur lives, students hustled forth to the auditorium every night to hone their battle axes and wielding skills.

The battle of the sections had already begun on Facebook, YouTube and other social media sites.

The stage was set and the warriors were ready to bring the fury upon their opponents.

Kacofonia 2016 was spread over four different talent bundles, namely, Literary, Music, Dance, Theatre and Categorically Insane.

The event was kicked off to the loud cheer of the crowds, shouting slogans and battle cries, bolstering their sections and representative’s confidence. The first event for the day was Just-A-Minute. The tongue twisting adventure saw some of the smoothest talkers of IIM Kashipur get on the stage, hammering out words after words without even stopping for air. And even then the challengers found out flaws, and in a moment’s span, took the crowd’s attention by storm.

After some literary axe wielding and fabricating interesting, and at times insane, story lines, the students of IIM Kashipur had won the heart of its audience and befuddled the judges with their skills. While the judges scribbled away and tallied the scores in secrecy, the three sections of IIM Kashipur blared out their slogans and battle cries, to establish their dominancy in the auditorium.

Filled with intense excitement, the most awaited event for the knowledge freaks was unveiled. ‘Speak Up’ was the debating competition hosted for the day to test out logic vs. logic of the sections on the topic of ‘Should Pakistani artists be banned in India?’

Dr. Nandita Roy, Professor, Communications, IIM Kashipur was the judge for the day. While the debate heated up on the stage with Section A and Section B taking the lead, it was Arjun Kartheykein of PGP 2015-2017 who stole the show on behalf of Section B. He was adjudged the best speaker, thereby garnering 8 points for his section!

All the World’s a stage- drew in impromptu acts of Hillary Clinton, Shah Rukh Khan, Mamta Banerjee, Donald Trump and many more by the students. The good impersonations got the crowd to clap and cheer and the not-so-good-one drew louder cheers as they provided the comic relief! What a relief!

The next event had got the highest number of teams participating. Antakshari at Kacofonia was the event that drew the most cheers and hoots from the crowd among all the events that were hosted in the morning session of Kacofonia 2016.

Amid songs and music, time had slipped through and the first half of the event came to a close with the Movie Quiz. Being close to the hometown of ‘King Khan’, a lot of question seemed to be based on the ‘Badshah’ of Bollywood!

While the lunch was on, Parivartan club of IIM Kashipur, hosted fun events like musical chair and ‘antakshari’ for the supporting staff of IIM Kashipur. The people who make life easy for all students here, had a share of fun at Kacofonia as the student fraternity cheered on!

With the sun setting in the west, students from all sections slipped into rockstar mode, drawing out their guitars and drums, dancing shoes, and the most exotic attires for the fashion show!

To the loud cheer of the audience, the battle of the bands began with Section B performing some of the chartbusters of 2016. But it was the Section A boys who stole the show with their rendition of ‘Dil Se’, ‘Meri Laundry Ka Ek Bill’ and ‘Maaeri’. They got the entire stage on their feet, tapping and humming to the popular beats as the Section A boys belted out the songs.

The group dance competition saw students from all the sections shake a leg and some more to the tunes of some funky beats. A performance by the senior team was an added bonus to the event.

The day came to a close by two amazing one act plays directed, scripted and enacted the students of IIM Kashipur.

At two minutes to twelve, the whole auditorium waited with bated breath as the scores were being tallied.

B or A?

Or will it be C?

To the exuberance of the students Section C was the second runners up, Section B, the first runners up, and  Section A, the Kaco Cup Champions of Kacofonia 2016.

The day drew to a close with celebrations and appraisal for one another.

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