September 4 & 5 saw the unfolding of an event. An event that sent the three sections of PGP1 into a frenzy. An event where the best of PGP1 battled it out amongst themselves. Kacofonia 2017!

Colors splattered around as the first event T-shirt painting started. ‘Mixing & matching colors’, the creative designers continued to be busy with the tattoo making and face painting that followed. The transformation of pretty faces into devils, skulls, trees & panthers was amazing. The wall magazines shouted out the creativity of each class.




The art events slowly gave way to stage performances that started with mimicry and stand-up comedy acts. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the hilarious performances. Next up was the Dumb Charades & Antakshari events. Many of our students proved to be encyclopedias as far as Bollywood movies and songs were concerned!

After a short break, it was time for the much awaited events of the day. Brilliant music notes floated in the air as the singing competitions started. Band performances proved that we have good instrumentalists as well.


After dinner, the event shifted to the auditorium where the dancers of the batch moved their body to the music without skipping a beat. The fantastic actors reigned the stage with the one-act plays. Finally, it was time for the Fashion Show. Pretty girls and handsome lads walked onstage to cheers & whistles.


In a nail-biting finish Section A and Section B ended up with the same points. A first in the history of Kacofonia. Section C followed close behind.


The event was only for 2 days but the preparations had started a week back. The students thoroughly enjoyed the late-night practice sessions wherein they juggled every half hour between assignments, projects and practice. The best result of Kacofonia was that it brought entire PGP1 together and closer as a batch. Talents were appreciated irrespective of the sections – which is indeed the spirit of the event.


Well done PGP1 and thank you PGP2! Waiting for Kacofonia 2018, to see the juniors battle it out.










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