Sports committee of IIM Kashipur is organizing its yearly badminton tournament, Kashipur Premier League. The bidding process took place today in which 12 team owners from both senior and junior batch, cast their bids for over 60 participating players. The players were seeded on the basis of their performance in the trials. With Avinash and Kiran taking the top two seeds in the boys and Divya and Natasha in the girls.


The one of its kind auction saw great response for the top seeds. Kiran seeded two in boys was sold for 590, while Avinash the top seed was sold for 570. In girls, the top seed Divya attracted a bid of 470. 59 players were sold to 12 teams. While each team was given only 1000 rupees to buy their players, there was significant amount of cross bidding and enthusiasm within the team owners to get the best line up for their teams. The managers and owners came up with a lot of preparation and this was evident from the aggressive bidding that took place today.


The twelve teams will be divided into groups of 3 for the round robin stages which starts next week. Each team from a group will then come for the finals stages where 4 teams will fight for ultimate glory; Kashipur Premier league.

Here are the 12 Teams that will compete in the league:

1. Royal Shuttlers
2. The Flashy eagles
3. Ace Shutlers
4. Agarwal Tsunami
5. Skandy_Rocks
6. Rational Gamblers
7. Silent assassins
8. The Decoys
9. Kampa
10. Here for beer
11. The Devious Drunkards
12. Bulky bullies


All the best. Let the games begin!

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