Diwali! The festival of lights. A festival where every house and street and the sky get lit up by lights, diyas and lanterns. That precisely was the ambience at IIM Kashipur for Diwali 2017 – Lit up and Alive!

The preparations had started a week before. The students vied with each other to make their hostels a visual treat. The red brick walls were adorned by bright lights of a myriad of hues. Lanterns sprung up on the windows and diyas on the corridors.


The air was abuzz with excitement and cheer as the grand day finally dawned. The celebrations started with students exchanging sweets and delicacies. Everyone was decked in their traditional best as they gathered for the Pooja and celebrations in the late evening. There were games and dance and the students had lots of fun. The best part of the evening was when the sky lanterns were lit up. Light orange lanterns adorning the night sky was a splendid sight. It was a Diwali that would be etched in the heart of everyone for all the days to come. Some memories are so beautiful that they never fade. A lit up and alive Kashipur campus is definitely one of them!


Some of the experiences as shared by some students are as follows:

“For many of us, it was the first Diwali away from home but not once it felt that I was away from home. This place and people here are so compassionate that they have become family. My flat mates and I did the Rangoli in our block, also, pooja just as we used to do back at our homes. I guess these are the times when you accept the unfamiliar places you move to as your home and the people as your family. The sentiments shared on such occasions bring that out in us.”


“I had thought I might miss home because yes, amongst many others it was my first Diwali away from home but I had the best time here with my friends. Dancing along, clicking pictures, it was a wonderful night”


“One thing, one perception that has changed after this Diwali here and also after four months here is that I had a fear that the rigorous routine here might make our minds mechanical and maybe lower our emotional quotient but today when I think of it, it is a beautiful journey where I have so much to learn, where there are so many people who had come with the same thought and now have found each other. I am getting a family here, I am growing here, and I am happy here”


IIM Kashipur wishes everyone a very Happy Diwali !!!!

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