From Agenda to Action: Meeting New Expectations – With the new government at the center which is business friendly and its various initiatives like “Make in India” and “Digital India”, slowly we are moving from dreams to implementation and India is at the cusp of rapid growth. In this context how should management institutes mold their students and prepare them for the various challenges?

The role of technology in today’s corporate world: Technology is bringing about transformational changes in the way businesses are being run. This puts serious challenge in front of conventional leaders to change their traditional management styles and pushes them to adapt to these sweeping and often disruptive changes. The burning question is how leaders, organizations and institutions can align themselves along the direction of these changes. Information technology is a modern phenomenon that has dramatically changed the daily lives of individuals and businesses throughout the world. Information technologies (IT) are vital to Company operations and leveraging information technology for business success is a key to survival in the modern business world. Developing a business strategy with an IT component that is aligned with business objectives, and is supported by sound business justification, will enable organizations to improve performance, increase productivity, and serve customers more effectively. It will also help mitigate the risks involved with technology decisions.

The Start Up Culture: The insecurity infused by the 2008-09 crisis made the aspirational workforce consider alternate career choices which led to the emergence of start-up culture in India. With success stories in the likes of Flipkart and Snapdeal and a supportive government, this culture can change the face of the Indian Economy. What more can the government do and how will Indian organisations adapt to this culture?



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