Months seem to be flying like days in MBA in the new normal. This statement would not be an exaggeration given the experience we have had during the first term of our MBA. It was expected that MBA is the kind of course which maneuvers one’s life in an unexpected direction, but real-life experiences are something of other kind. They tell us how much the theory relates to reality. Also they shows us how much capable we are to make the best out of that situation.

How it all remained the same

When we started our journey for the new academic session in the new normal after the pandemic changed everything, we were not aware of the fact that MBA remains the same despite of shifting from offline to online. Although mode of taking classes changed from physical classrooms to virtual ones, but the level of learning remained the same. The way of hanging out with batchmates changed from the canteen to google meets but the level of bonding remained the same. Despite placement processes were shifted from campus to homes, the level of preparedness remained the same.

The experience of the new normal

The new normal

Initially, we had the notion that being online there would be lesser work, lesser interaction and lesser MBA. But reality hit us the very first day we joined the classes and got to know we have signed up for a course that demands full dedication irrespective of its mode. It takes us on a path of improvement which is one of a kind. There are no boundaries of day and night and we do not just study here but traverse a way to rebuild ourselves. We lose track of time yet have deadlines dependent on seconds. All of us walk our individual journeys of self development yet support each other. We are in a course that totally changes us yet makes us meet our real selves.

We were attending classes, making presentations and doing assignments. At the same time, we were also doing live projects. We were working for the college committees, and preparing for our summer placements. The time flew like anything, and we thought of giving up at times. But the satisfaction after getting to learn from each class and the appreciation we felt after giving each presentation, and the sense of achievement after the submission of each assignment did not let us give up. These experiences taught us the subjective knowledge. They gave us a glimpse of how to work well in teams with different people and coordinate. They made us capable enough to drive the discussions in class and at the same time learn from our peers.

The expectations forward in MBA

When we had our term one exams towards the end, we were more prepared than we have been ever for any exam. That is how MBA learning turns out to be. It is everyday learning and applying it in practical situations rather than cramming on the last night of the exam. The process through which we went made us adapt to the new normal and made it easier for us to prepare for exams better than anything. This is how we got to know about the beauty of the course.

The three months felt like a couple of days, and it seems like yesterday when we clicked on the zoom link for our first-ever class of MBA. Moving ahead we feel the need for more learning, more interaction, and more of MBA. We feel we are ready enough to take the lessons, this course has yet to unfold. The measurement of time is going to be different for us than everyone else on the planet.

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Aarti Singhal is a first-year MBA student at IIM Kashipur from Batch 2021-2023. She is a B.Sc. Hons in Mathematics from the Delhi University. She is an active member of the Media and Public Relations Committee of the institute. She has keen interest in dancing as well as reading and content writing. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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