Mystic land Uttarakhand An Uttarakhand PaeanĀ 

Just like a caring father who never lets you down

The mighty Himalayas embellish its crown;

Provides pride, strength and security quite profound

Chamoli, Champawat, & Uttarkashi, here they are in


Just like a mother who never gives up on you even

when you fail

The Ganges, The Yamuna bustle across its landscape;

Life creator, nurturing and loving, the qualities to avail

Rishikesh , Haridwar are the blessed ones where these

rivers prevail.

Just like a demure woman with beauty such ethereal

One wonders are the mesmerizing waterfalls &the

sensuous lakes real?

Cloistered away from all the worldly tensions & jaded


Nainitaal, Almora, a perfect visual treat awaits you here.

Oh Man ! now when you have announced your success

to the world & achieved the desired status

Won a beautiful wife earned lots of money , raised kids

with morally upright nature;

It is time for that perfect denouement when you lose it all

to nature

Submit to God , discover truths of life know thyself,

come & unveil this mystic land Uttarakhand

6 thoughts on “Mystic land Uttarakhand An Uttarakhand Paean : Mohit Rustogi”
  1. Thank you all !
    Happy to see ppl liked that

    P.S ”
    koi mere naam ki spelling to sahi kar do bhai”

  2. great poem sir …….i really liked the way you portrayed the beauty of uttrakhand…i am a native of nainital …living in kashipur……doing m.b.a from imt kashipur…it is just in front of your college……iim kashipur has made a mark of kashipur in india’s
    map…..i would really like to meet you some day … can contact me …my no. is 9690466305… name is pankaj rawat……..

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