Prof. Sushil Kumar – 11thMarch 2012
Prof. Sushil Kumar conducted a workshop on Ethics and Environment on 11thMarch 2012. In the session many points related to the unethical practices followed by entities and its effect on environment were discussed. He also discussed the concept of carbon footprint and water footprint, oil leaks, communities developed on the waste dumping land and entry of harmful chemicals in the food chain. Carbon foot print refers to the amount of greenhouse gases that an entity emits. The concept of water footprint takes a more comprehensive view by considering the consumption of water at every step right from the raw material procurement to end product manufacturing. Apart from that the huge oil leak in different parts of world were touched upon also pointing out the double standards adopted by US when dealing with oil leaks claiming billions of dollars while shielding the Bhopal gas perpetrators. Also discussed was the phenomenon where waste dumping lands are used for community settlements and the water or food from these regions have high amount of certain chemical thus affecting the human health. The dumping of CFL that contain high mercury content will lead to entry of mercury in the food chain at some point of time causing health related problem.




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