“The greatest gifts you can give your children are the roots of responsibility and the wings of Independence.” With this thought in mind, Indian Institute of Management Kashipur celebrated the 71st Independence Day in their new campus. Dr Gautam Sinha, Director, IIM Kashipur, hoisted the National Flag which was followed by a rendering of the Indian National Anthem by all the people present.

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The Director expressed his gratitude towards our freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the independence of our motherland. He urged the audience to take a moment and contemplate if we are moving in the direction that our forefathers had envisioned. He advised the youth to lead the country forward, starting with contributing to the upliftment of masses at the grassroot level and introspecting small changes to their day to day lives in order to strengthen the commitment towards achieving the sustainable development goals. As the post-independence generation gradually fades away, it is now the responsibility of the youth to do away with the greed and come forward for the masses in need. He encouraged the students of IIM Kashipur to become job givers instead of job seekers. He concluded his speech with words of the famous French philosopher Romain Rolland, “If there is one place on the face of earth, where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India”

Post the Director’s speech, the students promoted the idea of ‘taking pride in being a responsible Indian citizen’ through various cultural performances like dance, theatre, mono-act, music and speech.

After the cultural events, a Bike rally – ‘Bikerthon’ started from the new campus and went through the city of Kashipur. The motive was to promote the message of road safety.


A NukkadNatak was also organised by the students to spread awareness regarding traffic rules and regulations and the importance of taking a responsibility to follow them. The students successfully imparted the message of road safety to the gathering. The convoy then covered rest of the city relaying the same propaganda and culminated back at the new campus.

Pic 3. Nukkad Natak at Priya Mall Kashipur.JPG

In the evening, we were graced by the performance of Spic Macay. It is a nationwide voluntary movement that aims to make students more aware about Indian and World heritage, and organises programmes of classical music and dance, crafts, yoga, classic cinema screenings, heritage walks etc in school and college campuses throughout the world. The performance was led by Vidushi Vidha Lal and Shri. Abhimanyu Lal, Kathak exponents from Jaipur Gharana, daughter-in-law and son of renowned Guru and Sangeet Natak Academy awardee Smt. Geetanjali Lal.


The recital mesmerised the audience and created an influx of pride for the Indian culture. It inspired the audience to hold on to the past & acknowledge and appreciate the Indian heritage while progressing responsibly towards a better future for all.


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