Being located in one of the densest industrialized belts of the country has its own perks and IIM Kashipur misses no opportunity to make the most of it. The plant visit to Parle Products in Rudrapur, marked the first industrial tour of the PGP 2014-16 batch of IIM Kashipur. It started with the screening of a virtual tour of a standard Parley’s production plant and an overview of the product line.














The virtual tour was followed by an actual tour of the production plant. The representatives were kind enough to personally take the students through the production process step by step. First, students gained insights on how testing of raw materials takes place before entering the production process. It was followed by an explanation of the working and importance of individual units of the automated system. It included the mixing of raw materials to form a mixture that is then further moulded into the requisite shape and size. Once the moulding is done, it is baked and undergoes a cooling treatment to catalyse the process. Finally, the students were lead through the packaging unit of the plant where all the items were being packed in a variety of packages.

















At the end of the tour, a query session was also organised where the students got an opportunity to interact one to one with the representatives of Parle. The discussion was not only limited to the quality management and efficiency of the production process, but also forayed into other areas like how the location of a plant is decided and how production is varied according to the demand forecast from the marketing and sales department. Further discussions were done on the industry as a whole and how the three factors of price, taste and quality affect the success of a product.

















Students took back a unique and educating experience with them when they left the plant.

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