Samanvaya 2011 – first edition of the HR Summit of IIMKashipur, was held on December 15th 2011. The event witnessed a congregation of eminent industry personalities in the field of HR, academia and students onto a platform to put forward and discuss their views on ‘Aligning Employee goals with corporate vision’. The discussion revolved around on how to ensure employee engagement and motivate employees to align their respective roles with the mission, vision & goal of the organization. Mr. Aquil Busrai, CEO-Aquil Busrai Consulting and Former HR Director of IBM, delivered the keynote address. Dr Devi Singh, Mentor Director-IIM Kashipur and Director-IIM Lucknow, Prof. Roshan Raina, Dean-IIM Lucknow and Prof Manoj Anand, Convener-IIM Kashipur taskforce, addressed the gathering. Veteran HR professionals from Dabur, Tata Motors, HP, Videocon, IDBI, APC, Titan, IGL, to name a few, constituted the audience. Mr. Aquil Busrai, in his keynote address, shared his views that Attraction, Retention and Training (ART) as the key ways to improve employee engagement and align their goals with the corporate vision. Mr. Busrai put forth the idea of ‘Take My 40 Hours’ as an initiative by the industry persona to spend 40 hours in an year, an equivalent of 5 working days, on a business school campus to give the required inputs to nurture the future leaders. Talking of retention, he shared an instance where 30% of employees leaving a company gave the reason of poor growth prospects, while a same fraction of people staying with company said it’s for higher growth prospects. The keynote address was followed by corporate luncheon, buzzing with an electrifying level of interaction amongst the guests. Thereafter, in the panel discussion that ensued had Mr. R S Yadav, VP-HR, IGL and Mr. Atul Asawa, VP, Flexituff as the panelist’s who shared their insights and experiences on employee engagement. Many guests expressed their delight while attending the event, first of its kind in the region, and affirmed that this first step will go a long way in benefitting the industries, especially of Uttarakhand and UP.

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