Numerous people told me that getting an MBA is difficult when I said that I would be considering it. ‘Getting an MBA is tough from the onset,’ I assume they meant. The primary obstacle was not passing the entrance exam and securing a place in the country’s premier college, for which thousands compete, but it began after that. The road of self-realization and how you handle all situations in the MBA journey carve you into the person you’ve always wanted to be. I decided to pursue my MBA studies in the subject of Finance after completing my Bachelor of Management Studies in Finance. I researched at all of the institutions that offered the program, and IIM Kashipur’s MBA program piqued my interest enough for me to apply as a fresher.

I’m immensely proud of my decision and delighted about the course’s all-encompassing character now that I’ve spent the previous six months successfully at the institute. The MBA program at IIM Kashipur offers a comprehensive approach, with a unique combination of studies in business statistics, decision modeling, financial modeling, big data, and other related fields.

As I sit down to document my emotions and thoughts for MBA and my journey here, I realized that one term sums up all of my sleepless nights and foggy mornings, fighting to get out of bed and attend classes: ‘A Roller Coaster Journey.’ The first two semesters taught me time management because the real struggle was getting to the mess as soon as the classes ended and then returning to class. The list goes on to say that I used to sleep as late as possible and that the major goal of the challenge was to get up and attend the first session of the day. The highlight has without a doubt been experiencing an on-campus corporate culture with my colleagues and receiving assistance from the incubation center, which has provided a variety of business insights and networks. Multiple group projects, live projects, and assignments have been used to increase the use of business tools such as Power BI, Advance Excel, and other theoretical components.

All of these elements work together to offer a comprehensive picture and lay the foundation for a promising future and the program’s frenetic speed shows no signs of easing.

The journey so far has offered me several experiences in which I have been surrounded by people who share my energy and desire for being a long-term manager. Needless to say, I meet some wonderful people here who I can endorse. As semester three begins and the new term begins to take shape, now is the ideal opportunity to reflect on what has been one of the most significant decisions of my life thus far.

There have certainly been highs and lows, as well as many sleepless hours spent either studying or anticipating something, something good our ways. As I write this piece on one of the most serene mornings in the lap of the Himalayas, I reckon that the notion of crossing the finish line provides enough motivation to accomplish the impossible, and that hard effort betrays no one.

About the author

Aayush Aggarwal

 Aayush is pursuing his MBA at IIM Kashipur, one of the most prestigious B-Schools in the country. He earned a bachelor of management studies with a major in finance from Ramanujan College, Delhi University. He is a motivated management student who is eager to work in a fast-paced, difficult workplace and continue to give impact to the organization he represents and serves. Aayush is a diligent, conscientious individual with excellent analytical skills who loves Finance.

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