Perhaps the single greatest quality which is of prime importance to ensure smooth functioning of any business, organization, or life, in general, is a brilliant command over people skills. Nothing is as complex or tricky as understanding the thought process of so many people around us, more so if they are involved as a group. People behave in a variety of ways in different settings, both overtly and covertly, which makes it a huge find difficult to make decisions and convey ideas effectively to get our thoughts across the table.

Keeping in mind this clash of perspectives, it becomes necessary to ensure inclusivity of ideas while simultaneously avoiding the domination of a particular thought. Diversity of thoughts is a luxury at times but tends to become a challenge in case of quick decision-making. Many situations do not allow gelling of multiple perspectives and require a rigid line of thought. In such cases, groups encounter friction which eventually comes to the forefront if confidentiality is compromised.

When polarized thoughts come together, tensions are bound to occur. At this juncture, the ideal way forward is to compromise over a ‘middle path. But here comes the catch, the middle path is not always the middle exactly as finding a perfect mix of both sides of ideas is near to impossible. This makes the middle path slightly polarized towards one end of the idea(s) and one of the parties tends to compromise a bit more than others.

Well avoiding a crossroad of perspectives is near to impossible as group behavior is highly susceptible to surrounding situations. Many externalities, both directly and indirectly impact the views of people and in such cases, it becomes the responsibility of each, and every person involved to invest more thought into understanding the other side(s) of the story. While this makes decision-making a tedious process and brings in an attitude of lethargy and procrastination, it does allow more breadth of thinking which helps include alternative solutions.

It is not always easy, possible, and feasible to comprehend a situation by looking into it from multiple lines of thought putting oneself in the shoes of others, and understanding their perspective. Trusting and backing one’s decision is of prime importance to bring about significant change as not everyone is good at making hard choices and facing resistance for the same from various stakeholders. But accepting and adjusting to multiple ideas is equally important to broaden one’s thinking and experiment with unconventional ideas which might bring unforeseen results.

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Saurabh Sarkhel

Saurabh is a current Management student who enjoys building large networks and believes in constant improvement. To broaden his perspective, he prefers to work in groups, take initiative, and live among a diverse range of talent. He enjoys singing, writing, and having intelligent conversations with a broad spectrum of people. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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