Why MBA? This is the very first question that any MBA aspirant faces in many of the B-School interviews. And most of us answer this question by saying that MBA provides us with great networking opportunities. “Great” – what gravity does this word hold in this sentence? The networking opportunities that are provided by any of the B-School when seen through the lenses of an MBA scholar are actually the needles that weave the future of any student.

Peer learning is one form in which we network with people. MBA is known for the diversity that it offers to its students. From engineers to dentists, from experienced to fresher, a B-School welcomes everyone with open arms. Coming from different backgrounds, we come with different areas of expertise. Some are well versed with the consulting frameworks, some read balance sheets as mere fables, some are geniuses in analytics and similarly, everyone has their own set of subjects in which they are comfortable. But MBA doesn’t work in your comfort zone, it is actually a degree that forces you to stretch your horizons as far as you can.

How much you stretch depends upon how much you can gain. The lectures in MBA are not just limited to classes and guest lectures. Peer learning is actually the way out to deal with the overload of academics. You cannot be the master of everything but you can master everything if you have the proper support. You will often see a group of friends studying together or a person teaching his/her batch mates the subject that he/she is comfortable in, this is the beauty of MBA, you learn how to grasp everything without just mugging up. You will be learning a subject today from someone and you will be teaching another subject to that person tomorrow. This is how peer learning works in a B-School.

This learning is not just limited to your friends but you get multiple opportunities to learn from your seniors or from your colleagues as well. While working in any student body, you make friends and you learn from them. During the interaction with seniors, the experience and learning pass on to you. Even sitting in the mess and having a meal with someone is the chance to talk and get to know what the other person’s view about MBA is. The diversity of the batch and inclusivity make us learn more than just what academics offer.  This is how the learning ladder is constructed in a B-School.

Peer Learning is not just restricted to academics but you prepare for interviews, group discussions, and quizzes together. It is true that when you leave a B-School you become a different person. You learn a lot throughout this journey and this learning is never done alone but is done with the people you rely upon.

A statement that is heard more than anything else in an MBA course is “Your network is your net worth.” And this is no lie that collaboration is the best way to do that. When you extend a helping hand to someone, you get one for yourself too and this is how holistic development in an IIM takes place.

About the author

Rahim Siddiqui

Rahim is currently pursuing MBA from IIM Kashipur. He is a fresher with internship experience in the fields of Management Consulting, Market Research, and Strategy. He is a keen learner and is a highly enthusiastic individual who believes in extracting the most out of every opportunity that life throws at him. He is a firm believer in excellence and aims to achieve it at every step. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.

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