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utthisthaIndian Institute of Management Kashipur successfully conducted its flagship Entrepreneurship event ‘Uttistha’ on 23rd of October, 2016. This event is dedicated for inculcating the spirit of entrepreneurship among the students of IIM Kashipur. The event was graced by some of the successful start-up founder and investors.

The event was started off by the ceremonious lighting of the lamp marking the occasion. Professor Gautam Sinha, Director, IIM Kashipur gave the invitation speech, inviting the delegates from the various start-up and thanking them for their participation. The first keynote speech was delivered by Mr. Lalit Mangal, co-founder of Commonfloor.com. In his speech Mr. Mangal discussed about innovation and the journey of a start-up.


Mr. Mangal majorly focussed upon the tiny voices which encourage entrepreneurs to start but logical over thinking kills the motivation. His mantra for the students aspiring for start-up is “No financial liability is big enough if you have an idea which doesn’t let you sleep.” He also emphasized on the fact that a young entrepreneur should go ahead even without the required technical skills if the idea is good. He said, “There are abundant good engineers and technical professional available who are ready to work on a good idea.”

As a part of the “Go Green” initiative of IIM KASHIPUR, a plant sapling was presented to Mr. Mangal, which was to be planted at the state of the art new campus of IIM Kashipur.


After that a panel discussion had been arranged. The panellists were the founders of start-ups and investors. The topic for the discussion was ‘Dilemma of Jobs vs. Entrepreneurship.’ The moderator of the panel discussion was Mr. Aditya Awasthee, the co-founder & CEO of Ah! Ventures. He is also an Angel Investor & Mentor to Start-ups with an objective to positively impact the brand growth for national market shares leadership. The panellists in the discussions were Mr. Rashmi R. Padhy, Mr. Ashwin Shrivastava, Mr. Puneet Aggarwal, and Mr. Lalit Mangal.

Mr. Rashmi R. Padhy is the current CEO at Koove and has been co-founder of some innovative start-ups like Yappily and TechChamps. Mr.  Ashwin Srivastava is currently the Co-Founder and the Director of Idein Ventures, a global Venture Capital and Private Equity firm, acting as seed stage and growth capital investor in UAE, USA, West Africa and India. Mr. Puneet Aggarwal is the founder of Nirogam.com. He is the owner of HerbsCanCure.com where he worked as chief herbalist and marketer for around 11 years. Mr. Lalit Mangal is the cofounder of CommonFloor.com. Mr. Mangal is also related to Quickr and is currently helping Quikr incubate some disruptive ideas and is actively mentoring a number of startups in high growth and high impact areas. In the beginning of the discussion, Mr Padhy broke a common myth for the budding entrepreneurs in the audience that funding is indispensable. “The entire spectrum of start-up is defined by funding. This is wrong.” said Mr. Rashmi R Padhy. The idea here was new start-ups can go ahead bootstrapping their ventures and investors are not the centre of the game. The discussion proceeded on this line and then Mr. Ashwin added a very good insight, “Benefits are not just be measured by money but by learning.” According to him, starting on your own gives access to vast oceans of opportunities and knowledge. Money cannot be the only motivation or gauge for measuring the success of an entrepreneurs. The panel agreed that entrepreneurship changes people and make them more competent and capable.

Then the discussion went towards the capital intensive start-ups and how to get the right angel investor to fund on their idea. “India is the land of opportunity and tapping into the network is the best way to find right angel investors.” Commented Mr. Lalit Mangal. The panel agreed that leveraging the network is the best way of getting the investor who can help someone change the game. The panel advised student to start making connections right now since opportunities in the institute like IIM are huge. Aditya Awasthee suggested that entrepreneurs should be shameless while pitching their ideas and asking for help as only those who move forward can reach to their destination. The discussion was concluded by very precious and inspirational words “If you are building something great, you don’t need to seek the investors, the investors will seek you” said Mr. Aswin Srivastava. As a part of the “Go Green” initiative of IIM KASHIPUR, plant saplings was presented to all the panellists.

Second keynote speakers of the day was Alok Bansal, co-founder of policybaazar.com. Currently, Alok Bansal is the CFO and COO of policybaazar.com. He enlightened the students about his struggle while starting and running his own venture. Students were enthusiastic and asked a lot of questions about the everyday challenges an entrepreneur faces and about securing funding. Mr. Alok said “Sometimes, money is needed to disrupt.” He added a very useful insight that an entrepreneur should experiment with their ideas but should also know when they should give up and move on. The speech was very helpful and motivational for budding entrepreneurs.

Dr. Kampan Mukherjee, Dean Planning, IIM Kashipur  concluded the event by delivering the vote of thanks to the esteemed guests who took their valuable time to visit IIM Kashipur and revamped the spirit of Entrepreneurship among students.


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