“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going” is the philosophy deeply ingrained with the brand IIM. The very onset of the two-year long gruelling process begins with the Induction Program. Five day Induction Program designed by Team INSITE (an initiative of MPRC, IIM Kashipur) was majorly responsible for initiation of transformation of a careless, sleep-loving normal guy to an effervescent and responsible budding manager. With numerous sessions conducted by various active committees and clubs of IIM Kashipur along with the academic rigour, a newbie finds himself taken aback in the beginning itself. Gradually as reality bites deeper it grows into you and you start respecting your decision even more to choose to be a part of the IIM Kashipur fraternity.

The day long gruelling process started from 5 AM and continued till 2 AM, which was followed by assignment completion to be submitted the next day. This process marked the beginning of the journey to become a successful manager for PGP’14 batch of IIM Kashipur. Strangely though, this was as fun as it was hectic. What made this process interesting was that the sessions were not just limited to academia but also gave importance to team building and personality development activities. Morning clubs & YOGA session in a B-school was a great source of learning. Yoga session explained how very small thing in life make big differences if one is punctual. In the afternoon sessions, students were exposed to real-life challenges and were given an opportunity to “do and learn”. For e.g., to give the students a feel of sales and marketing, students were assigned a task to sell 2 kg mangoes at the highest possible price in the Kashipur market. Other activities included quizzes and team-building sessions. The evening time was no less tiring for the students, as they were kept busy preparing for group assignments, ADMad competition, skits and presentations. The idea was to give the students a glimpse of the next two years but in a fun-filled manner.

The five day induction program concluded with a surprise trip to Rishikesh organized by Team INSITE. The aim of this outing was to facilitate interaction between PGP’13 & PGP’14 batch. The trip was a fun filled experience with activities such as trekking, rock climbing, rappelling and was enjoyed by all.

With these five days of hard work and fun, team INSITE successfully achieved their intent of providing students a feel of “life at IIM Kashipur”.

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