Two minutes into the Ethics session by Wing Commander Anupama Monga and the students were awestruck. Hers was a true inspirational story and her bravery was well known in Air Force circles. Ms. Monga was part of the first batch that revolted against discrimination against women in the Air Force. She is now holder of the post of Wing Commander and is the Training and Security officer. The students of Indian Institute of Management, Kashipur felt lucky and honoured to have her as a special guest of honour for the inaugural ceremony for the second batch of PGP students.

Ms. Monga’s association with IIMs goes back a long way to when she was a part of the prestigious PGPx programme at IIM Lucknow. She reminisced about her college days and mentioned to the students how hard the transition from a full time job to being a MBA student was. She also quoted from experience that the IIM brand value carried a lot of respect and advised them to make use of the tremendous opportunity that lay ahead of them.

The purpose of Ms. Monga’s talk was Work Ethics. Ethics being a sensitive topic, sensitive handling is of prime importance. Quoting examples from her own work place, Ms. Monga said there were no hard and fast rules for handling ethical situations. It was always a decision between what was correct and what was right. Rules of organizations can be bent in exceptional circumstances but only through the proper channels and after thorough evaluation by the higher authorities. She also mentioned that in the air force, the worker to manager ratio is quite high and that ethical dilemmas in such places can be quite challenging. She advised the students to follow their heart in such matters and take decisions wisely.

The session concluded with Ms. Monga talking about facing adversities in life at various stages. She mentioned that at some stage of life or the other, one will have to face being the odd one out. One must not run away from this additional responsibility but have the courage to face it and come out of it wiser.

The students of IIM Kashipur were very thankful to Ms. Monga for taking time off her busy schedule and enlightening them with her insightful views on Work ethics and culture. It was truly a well spent time in getting to know the little known nuances of the corporate work culture.




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